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1850 coffee review

Everyone has heard of Folgers before. Even as a kid, I remember that famous jingle of theirs “The Best Part of Waking Up….”. Turns out, they’ve been in the coffee business much longer than when I was singing to their commercials - since 1850 to be exact. Hence, the name of this particular release of coffees.

The company themselves says that their current lineup is now the gold standard and a culmination of everything they’ve learned from the past century and a half.

The theory is sound, but how about the taste?

Let’s go over the flavor profiles, pros, and cons as we give you the ultimate Folgers 1850 Coffee Review.

Note: The complete lineup of 1850 features six different options: Black Gold, Pioneer Blend, Trailblazer, Sumatran, Lantern Glow, and Columbian. We’re only going to be testing the first three simply because they’re the most popular.



Flavor Profile

Available In

Our Joe Score


Black Gold


Sweet Dark Chocolate Notes, Full-Bodied, Smooth, Bold

Whole beans, ground coffee, k cups


Pioneer Blend


Hints of Roasted Nuts, Rich, Bold, Smooth

Whole beans, ground coffee, k cups




Roasted Nut and Caramelized Flavor Notes, Robust, Smooth

Whole beans, ground coffee, k cups



  • Full-bodied, robust flavor with dark cocoa notes.
  • Bold and smoky as if fresh off the roaster.
  • Strong coffee values for those who enjoy a flavorful experience.
  • Reasonably priced – taste and smoothness are comparable with more expensive varieties.


  • Because of its strong taste, some people might be turned off or find it bitter. If you run into this problem having already bought a full bag/tin, a hack to get around this is to use less grounds and more water for a more delicate balance. Adding creamers/milks can also reduce the punchiness and may bring out the roasted flavor even more. If you have a more sensitive palate overall, try the Trailblazer which is a lighter tasting, medium-dark roast.
  • Grounds come very fine which isn’t ideal for French press or making cold brew. To compensate, get the whole bean and grind them yourself.
  • If you like Starbucks’ Caffe Verona, you’ll most likely enjoy this.

Our Joe Rating: 9.4/10


  • Great price for the quality.
  • A great, smooth, all-around, everyday type of coffee (Great coffee to have with you if stuck on a desert island)
  • Not overpowering which makes it a great staple to offer family and friends when they visit.
  • Easy to drink black.


  • Not the bold flavors some self-proclaimed coffee snobs have come to expect and enjoy. 
  • Same as with all the 1850 flavors, can be difficult to find in stores.

Our Joe Rating: 9.6/10

1850 Trailblazer, Medium-Dark Roast


  • A smooth, nutty taste without bitterness - great for picky drinkers.
  • As it features a medium-dark roast, it is a lovely in-between choice for flavor.
  • A great way to get introduced to darker roasts as this still has a full-bodied flavor that is not overpowering like some straight-up dark roasts can be.
  • Good buy for the money.


  • Drinkers have noted a bitter aftertaste. Does not contain any of the lighter, fruity flavors.
  • The flipside here is that it is a good gateway coffee for more bitter roasts, if increasing your palate is on your radar.
  • Like all the others, difficult to find in store.

Our Joe Rating: 9.2/10

1850 Coffee Review - Overall Thoughts

All-in-all, the Folgers 1850 line is a premium, higher-quality product than the regular, supermarket blend which is reflected in its taste and is thankfully sold at a budget-friendly price. This means you can afford to use it as your everyday, go-to coffee mix. The line also offers different roasts and flavor profiles which means they have something for almost everybody. It’s not going to blow you away with the quality compared to, say, a Gevalia roast, but this is balanced by a fair price tag that is only a fraction of what an elite-range coffee would cost. If we’ve piqued your interest about Gevalia as a brand, check out our Gevalia coffee review here.

The only major drawback of the Folgers 1850 is that many people (myself included) have found it hard to get their hands on. And that’s too bad as it probably won’t get the reach it deserves. Another disappointment is that they don’t offer a decaf option.


Here is a list of the frequently asked questions we get about Folgers 1850 ingredients, its roast, quality, and where to buy it.

Who Makes 1850 Coffee?

Folgers Coffee (started by James A. Folgers) owns the 1850 line of coffee. Since 2008, Folgers has formed part of the food and beverage division of The J.M. Smucker Company.

Is 1850 coffee any good?

The 1850 coffee lineup is Folgers’ higher-quality premium brand. If you like regular Folgers, chances are you’ll like this step up, both in taste and price. There are currently six different offerings in their lineup – all with different roasts and flavor profiles. If you’re having trouble getting started, look at their Pioneer Blend – Medium roast. It’s the best all-around coffee and with its source and roast, and yields more neutral coffee flavors. This one was rated the most enjoyable by customers from a large range of taste preferences.

What does 1850 coffee taste like?

It differs with every roast and flavor. They have Black Gold, Pioneer Blend, Trailblazer, Sumatran, Lantern Glow, and Columbian. The flavor profile ranges from citrus or lemongrass notes in the light roasts to a nutty or dark chocolate in the dark roasts.

Does it come in K-cups?

Yes, it’s available in K-cups for Keurig Coffee Makers. Unfortunately, they don’t have any Nespresso pods or Tassimo cups. One alternative is to purchase an inexpensive reusable pod for those machines and put ground coffee in it. As a bonus, it’s better for the environment and less expensive in the long run.

Where to buy it?

This is unfortunately the “Achilles heel” for this coffee - their availability. Their official website states that you can find it at some Target locations but many people still have trouble finding it.

We suggest saving yourself some time driving by either calling store to store or ordering it online through Amazon.


We hope you enjoyed our Folgers 1850 Coffee Review and that your questions were answered in our research. We hope you’ve been inspired to give it a taste yourself.

Do you have any experience with Folgers 1850? What do you think or it? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below.


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