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Starbucks Caffe Verona Review

Starbucks® - You’ve heard the name before; the little coffee shop that had its humble beginnings out of Seattle has now become a household name. When Starbucks made the move from offering only brewed coffee to selling their fresh grounds in bags, it created the convenience and cost savings of making a cup at home.

But you may be wondering, is it any good?

One of the pitfalls of successful, already existing café shops is that after awhile, their consumers might wonder whether the product they are getting is really as premium as it is marketed to be. There is a societal bias that suggests that accessibility means poor quality. Here, at, when we first started our coffee journey and still every now and then, we certainly fall under the same prejudice that despite the price tag on each specialty cup, even a company as popular as Starbucks must have somehow sub-par beans.

Their Caffè Verona® is marketed as “…a seductive blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia, with a gentle touch of Italian Roast lending depth, soul, and sweetness.” And it goes on to say how well it pairs with chocolate and how it has become a Valentine's Day favorite- and the “coffee we most associate with romance”.

That all sounds great but, a tall order. Bring out the skeptics!

Let’s see how it lives up to our ultimate Starbucks Caffe Verona Review.

Our Review of Starbucks Caffe Verona Blend

Interesting Fact: The name Verona was taken from the city where Shakespeare set the play Romeo and Juliet – perhaps the most well-known romance story of all time. It fits in well with their promise of dark chocolate notes and romance. (1)

The packaging tells us to expect “Dark Cocoa & Caramelized Sugar”. This is how we, along with both long-time and first-time drinkers alike would describe it:

Cafe Verona in k cup

This is how it looked all ground up before I put it in the Keurig. I always use this metal reusable k cup pod. Find them superior to the plastic ones - Highly recommend. Check them out on Amazon here.


  • Taste is rich, not overly bitter or sour. Very slight hint of deep dark chocolate notes.
  • A depth that seems to linger in your mouth.
  • Just the right amount of chocolate and coffee blend combination.
  • It’s a dark roast but doesn’t have the burnt taste like sometimes found in a French roast.
  • Decaffeinated offering has been described as “The Best Coffee on the Market” - Tastes like regular coffee and won't keep you up all night.
  • Available in whole bean, medium grind, and K-cup.
  • Pairs well with dark chocolate like cacao nibs or even a chocolate croissant which makes it versatile as a morning drink or in the place of a digestif.


  • Not recommended for beginners. It’s a dark roast which is a bold flavor and not always enjoyable for first timers. True to a bold tasting coffee, the chocolate notes are on the bitter side and the taste lingers so it could really turn some people off.
  • Starbucks itself is a very large multinational company and inevitably with that comes controversy. Ones thoughts on the company, the employees, the CEO, or its political views might affect their wiliness to support this type of company.
  • Decaf is excellent but can be hard to find. Many people resort to buying it online which you can through this link here.


The fact that it’s a smooth dark roast with an excellent amount of chocolate notes is going to appeal to many but not to all. This is especially true for those who don’t have much experience drinking coffee or those who prefer to drink it black but don’t like a punchy aftertaste. The decaf option is a contender and doesn’t give that watered down, filtered taste like some can. Overall, if you enjoy a coffee that’s rich and strong, give Caffe Verona a try now!

Our Joe Rating: 9.2/10


Here is a list of the frequently asked questions we get about what’s in Starbucks Caffe Verona, its roast, strength you can expect from it and where to buy it.

Is Verona a dark roast?

Yes, it is a dark roast. If you like Sumatra, you’re more than likely to enjoy this offering. Both are a bit lighter and not as bitter as the darker French Roast.

Also, as you can see in the photo below, it's labelled on the side of the packaging as a dark roast.

Caffe Verona Dark Roast

Is Caffe Verona strong?

Caffe Verona is a dark roast so you can expect a richer, charred taste as opposed to a sweeter tangy taste common to a light roast. Drinkers not used to dark roasts can be taken aback by that. However, note that the stronger taste does not mean more caffeine. It is still sourced with 100% arabica beans so expect an intake of 50-60mg of caffeine – same as if you were drinking a light roast.

Does Starbucks Caffe Verona have chocolate in it?

Many people do think the chocolate flavor is something that’s added. In actual fact, the taste is heavily dependent on the soil in which the beans are grown, which varies with region.

They state that the beans are sourced from Latin America (which in general have chocolate tones to them especially from Mexico and Columbia) and Indonesia (possibly Sumatra region). The beans from these regions may hold a sour aftertaste thanks to mineral deposits that naturally occur in the soil from nearby volcanoes.

Does Caffe Verona have sugar in it?

Caffe Verona does not have any added sugar in it and safe for those with diabetes. The natural flavor of the beans is slightly sweet. With its origins in Latin America and the specific roast of the bean (described as “a gentle touch of Italian”), those natural caramelized flavors come through and can seem to some like sugar.

Does it come in k cups?

Yes, it’s available in K-cups, Nespresso pods, and capsules compatible with their own Starbucks’ Verismo brewer systems. As of this writing they do not come in Tassimo cups. You can check out their full lineup on Amazon through this link here.

As a bonus, they’ve recently changed their packaging to enable recycling of K-Cup pods as part of their commitment to sustainable practices.

Where to buy it?

You can purchase all bags of grounds at most Starbucks locations and even big-box grocery stores. However, many go for the convenience and cost savings of ordering it online through Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed our Starbucks Caffe Verona Review and that your questions were answered in our research. We hope you’ve been inspired to give it a taste yourself.

Do you have any experience with Caffe Verona? What do you think or it? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below.



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