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top k cups for iced coffee

An ice-cold drink on a warm summer day (or even in the winter) is just delightful. Thankfully, making one with a Keurig is possible. You might already have a variety of K-cups at home. I will break down what your best coffee choices are for creating that perfect iced coffee.

K-Cups containing dark roasted, bold flavored coffee work best for iced coffee. This is because adding ice and drinking coffee cold dilutes the coffee flavor. Therefore, to ensure we don't have a weak coffee, it's best to stay away from light or medium roasts.

Thankfully, because of the popularity of Keurig machines, there are dozens if not hundreds of different dark roast blends to choose from. And of course, you can use a reusable K-cup which widens your options even more! 

The dark side of too many options is that it can paralyze us to choose. It is certainly easier to make a decision between 3-4 different coffees than it is to decide between hundreds. As humans, our biggest fear usually is making the wrong choice.

That's where I come in.

Best K Cups for Iced Coffee

Here is the ultimate list of K-cups you can buy today to brew a delicious (not watered-down) iced coffee. As mentioned before, I hand-picked these because of their boldness and flavor. This will make sure that even once the ice melts, you still maintain that desired coffee taste.

NoteIced coffee and cold brewed coffee are totally different. Iced coffee involves brewing a regular cup of coffee and adding in ice cubes. On the other hand, cold brew is much more involved and requires a different grind. If you want to know more about how to choose coffee and make cold brew, check out my recent article here.


Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods (9.6/10)

I love Peet's coffee. I recently did a thorough review of their most popular blends, including this exact coffee. You can read up on it here. There's a really neat story behind how this blend was created and named. To sum it up: 50 years ago, a retired military member approached the owner and they created this blend. The owner was so impressed that he named it after him. That guy's name was, you guessed it, Dickason.


  • A perfect blend of boldness and flavor.
  • On the box it says to expect a rich, complex, and full-bodied coffee. That isn't just marketing mumbo-jumbo, it's what you'll get.
  • Will remind you what real coffee should taste like.
  • You'll want to use it for your iced coffee and for hot coffee.


  • Some have complained about the acidity, so beware if sensitive or prone to heartburn or acid reflux.
  • Double the price of the cheapest K-cups you can find. However, you get what you pay for (yay for flavor!).

Our Joe Rating: 9.6/10


Death Wish CoffeeDark Roast, The World's Strongest Coffee (9.3/10)

This isn't only strong tasting, but also high in caffeine. They boast that this has double the amount of caffeine of a regular coffee. They achieved this by blending both Arabica and Robusta beans from mainly India and Peru. So, if you're looking to cool down AND get energized then this blend if perfect for you!


  • Goes without saying, get double the caffeine in just one cup! If the primary purpose of drinking coffee is for the caffeine, then you'll love this.
  • Smooth tasting coffee. This is underrated because adding Robusta beans can easily make coffee taste bitter but they have done a good job in finding that perfect balance.
  • Certified Organic and Fair Trade so you can be sure there are no additives or extra ingredients beyond the beans themselves.


  • Can be expensive at over a dollar a capsule. Good to use as an "every-once-in-a-while bag" or as a treat.
  • Because of the extremely high levels of caffeine, those with a sensitivity will find it hard to finish a cup.

Our Joe Rating: 9.3/10


Amazon Brand - Solimo French OR Dark Roast Coffee Pod (9.1/10)

Amazon continues their world domination by making its way on to this list - and they have rightfully earned it. The Solimo French Roast is a wonderful coffee for a fantastic price. They incorporate beans from Arabian origin - a source you don't see used too often by mainstream, western companies.

This is a French roast, so you can expect bold and smoky flavors. If this flavor profile turns you off, you can also try their dark roast but note that their dark roast isn't a true dark roast; it's much lighter than you would normally expect.


  • At only $0.30 a pod, you can't beat the price. Less than half the price of other brand names without sacrificing quality.
  • Out of the two options, there is a perfect profile for you. Essentially, if you're looking for a pleasant, light-bodied, darker roast the "dark roast" is perfect. If you would prefer a dark roast packed with flavor and boldness, choose the French roast.


  • The flavor intensity in the dark roast and French roast are 8 and 9, respectively. A small number that denotes a big difference in boldness.
  • Don't expect to be "wowed" by the taste. It's good but not "write-home" kind of good.

Our Joe Rating: 9.1/10

Alternative Option - Instant Coffee Packets (no need to brew)

Starbucks VIA Medium Roast- Sweetened Iced Coffee (9.4/10)

Do you find cooling a fresh, hot coffee a pain in the butt?

Starbucks has you covered with their Instant Coffee Packets. Simply empty the coffee packet into cool water, add ice, and you're ready to go.

You're going to pay more per cup and it doesn't taste as good as the real deal but what you lack in flavor you will make up for in convenience.

Our Joe Score: 9.4/10


Here are some answers to common questions I get about what coffee to use and how to make iced coffee with a Keurig.

Can you use a regular K-Cup for iced coffee?

Nothing is stopping your from using your favorite coffee to make an iced coffee. However, once you add in ice cubes, a coffee that has a light or medium roast can become watered down. It's best to use a dark roast with a bold flavor to maintain the coffee taste.

Which Keurig makes iced drinks?

Keurig has introduced the K-Elite coffee maker with a specific button on the top where you can select to make your cup ICED. It will brew the coffee using milder-temperature water as to not melt your ice cubes right away and will avoid diluting your beverage.

For best results, the manual recommends using a 16oz plastic (not glass) tumbler with ice.

How do you make iced coffee with a Keurig machine?

In this YouTube video, I break down how to make coffee using a Keurig 1.0 coffee machine. Using the neat little tip, I have discovered, you won't have to worry about the ice melting and making your drink watered down 😊

Watch the video to learn what that is!

I hope you enjoyed the article outlining what K-cups are best for iced coffee. Are you planning on making an iced coffee soon? If so, what coffee do you plan on using? If you've made it, how did it go?

Let me know in the comments below. 


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